Home Churrasco Basic Kit



About The Home Churrasco Basic Kit

Our Home Churrasco Basic Kit for your home grill consists of five simple items and they will get you started crafting Churrasco experiences all on your own.

✓ It contains all three of our churrasco skewer sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.

✓ It comes packages with one set of Churrasco Tongs, as well as one Churrasco Knife.

✓ Does your Outdoor Grill have groves for Skewers? Well, then this is the package for YOU!

Ideal for those familiar with Churrasco, as our Home Churrasco Basic Kit does not include a grill or grill top.

Home Churrasco Basic Kit includes:

  • 1 Small Churrasco Skewer – great for chopped vegetables and smaller cuts of meat, such as chicken hearts.
  • 1 Medium Churrasco Skewer – perfect size for whole onions and also for medium cuts of meat
  • 4 Pieces (1 Set) Serving Tongs
  • 1 Large Churrasco Skewer – holds larger cuts of meat like skirt steak and full steaks
  • 1 Traditional Churrasco Serving Knife too!