Brazilian BBQ Catering Basic Kit



About The Brazilian BBQ Catering Basic Kit

Our Brazilian BBQ Catering Basic Kit has each size of our authentic Brazilian style skewers. This is

Albeit this is for the caterer with a grill (or a few good stacked bricks) that holds skewers above the heat, it’s ideal for anyone who has their own Catering Churrasco Grill (or a home style grill) with slots for holding Churrasco skewers.

If you are a caterer or restaurant that already has grills, and only need skewers in a neat package, then this is your kit!

Brazilian BBQ Catering Churrasco Basic Kit includes:

  • 6 Small Churrasco Skewers – great for chopped vegetables and smaller cuts of meat
  • 6 Medium Churrasco Skewers – perfect size for whole onions and also for medium cuts of meat
  • 3 Triple Churrasco Skewers – great for whole fish, chickens, and roasts too
  • 6 Large Churrasco Skewers – holds larger cuts of meat like skirt steak and full steaks