Brazilian BBQ Catering Deluxe Kit



About The Brazilian BBQ Catering Deluxe Kit

The Brazilian BBQ Catering Deluxe Kit is the ULTIMATE PACKAGE for starting out with churrasco!

So it contains everything a caterer or restaurant would need to get cooking for larger crowds. To enumerate, with six skewers of meat, you could feed 20 to 40 people at a time! Especially with some of the skewers filled and at the ready, you could rotate them out. Some skewers would be serving people barbecue while others are on the grill cooking. An added bonus is that each skewer could have both well-done and rare pieces of meat. Additionally, the Brazilian BBQ Catering Deluxe Kit is designed to feed a large room or restaurant. By the same token, this kit is perfect for a large party with a diversity of appetites and preferences!

Catering Grill Top Dimensions:

– 31″ Long
– 14 3/4″ Deep
– 9″ HighKit includes:

  • Professional 6-slot Stainless Steel Churrasco Grill Rack
  • 8 Small Churrasco Skewers – great for chopped vegetables and smaller cuts of meat
  • 8 Medium Churrasco Skewers – perfect size for whole onions and medium cuts of meat
  • 4 Triple Churrasco Skewers – great for whole fish, chickens
  • 2 Traditional Churrasco Serving Knives
  • 8 Large Churrasco Skewers – holds larger cuts of meat like skirt steak and full steaks
  • 2 Serving platforms – the best place to rest your skewer for table-side service
  • 4 Sets (16 Pieces) Serving Tongs

We pride ourselves on happy customers.  If your grill top bends or your skewers break, then send them back and we will replace them!