Home Churrasco Plus Kit



About The Home Churrasco Plus Kit

The Home Churrasco Plus Kit includes everything you need to get started facilitating great Churrasco.  This is the best way to jump right into Brazilian barbecue. It comes with a stove/grill top and 3 skewers of different sizes. We also include our knife and set of tongs to help you give your friends and family an authentic experience.

Simply, bolt the grill together, and then place on top of your stove or grill. Then, add meat to the skewers and you’re off to the races. You will never go back to grilling the same way again! Discover what everyone in Brazil and Argentina has known for generations, that the Gaucho way is the best way!Below you’ll find a list of the products in the kit and their dimensions. For more information and individual product pictures, go to our product pages. Home Churrasco Plus Kit Dimensions: – 18 7/8″ Long – 14 3/4″ Deep – 9″ High

Kit includes:

  • 1 Small Churrasco Skewer – great for chopped vegetables and smaller cuts of meat, such as chicken hearts
  • 1 Medium Churrasco Skewer – perfect size for whole onions and also for medium cuts of meat
  • Home use 2-slot Stainless Steel Churrasco Grill Rack
  • 1 Large Churrasco Skewer – holds larger cuts of meat like skirt steak and also full steaks
  • 1 Traditional Churrasco Serving Knife
  • 4 Pieces (1 Set) Serving Tongs