Brazilian BBQ Catering Plus Kit



About The Brazilian BBQ Catering Plus Kit

The Brazilian BBQ Catering Plus Kit is a professional Churrasco set which has everything a caterer or restaurant would need to start cooking authentic Brazillian barbecue for larger crowds.

Notably, the Brazilian BBQ Catering Plus Kit gives you all manufactured sizes of our skewers and wooden plataformas. Not only that, but also a grill top for a stove, grill or fire pit. So.. take your catering business or restaurant to the next level with our churrasco kit! Catering Grill Top dimensions: – 31″ long – 14 3/4″ Deep – 9″ High

So the Kit includes:

  • Professional 6-slot Stainless Steel Churrasco Grill Rack
  • 6 Small Churrasco Skewers – great for chopped vegetables and smaller cuts of meat
  • 6 Medium Churrasco Skewers – perfect size for whole onions and medium cuts of meat
  • 3 Triple Churrasco Skewers – great for whole fish, chickens
  • 6 Large Churrasco Skewers – which holds larger cuts of meat like skirt steak and also full steaks
  • Also, 2 Serving platforms – the best place to rest your skewer for table-side service