Churrasco Tongs (Pincas)



About the Churrasco Tongs (Pincas)

Tongs come in sets of four

These Professional, quality, stainless steel Churrasco Tongs (Pincas) are used for serving up fresh barbecue to your friends & family’s plates – right at the table. It is even more ideal if each person has a set of tongs next to their plate to pick up meat as needed.

Keeping in line with traditional Brazillian Churrasco? Then it certainly is a good idea is to have as many churrasco tongs as you potentially have people.
So as you serve, you could use these little tongs to grip the meat as you slice them. Unlike salad tongs, we desgined our tongs with points on each side in order to effectively grab meat. Optimally, you could capture the juices from grabbing and slicing the meat. Right with one of our traditional churrasco plataforma, or on a plate. Then just take the meat off the tongs, place it on your plate, lay the tongs aside and enjoy!
Tongs come in sets of four.