Brazilian Style BBQ

Brazilian Style BBQ In Your Backyard

Matthew Baron Churrasco Party

From a Professional Chef at a recognized churrascaria, I will give you some tips to enjoy a Brazilian Style BBQ in your backyard. An important first lesson, if we do not want the vegetables to burn we can not let …

Churrasco And Cachaca, 51 Cachaca, velho barreiro Cachaca

The Perfect Match: Churrasco and Cachaça

Matthew Baron Churrasco Party

There’s space for two things in a Brazilian’s heart: Churrasco and Cachaça. For those who still hadn’t heard of Cachaca, it’s the national liquour of Brazil, being made of sugar cane. Well, what do they have in common? Actually, a …

Kids Capoeira Bateria

Chima Steakhouse In Philadelphia Hosts Brazilian Day Event.

Matthew Baron Churrasco Party

Chima Steakhouse in Philadelphia Hosts Brazilian Day Event On June 30, 2014, Chima Steakhouse in Philadelphia hosted Brazilian Day.  It was a benefit to raise money for ‘Project Capoeira‘ that teaches capoeira to kids.  ‘Project Capoeira’ is the brain child …