#BraVMex Churrasco for your grill and a Brigadier recipe for dessert

Matthew Baron Brazil, Churrasco Party


Tonight, we have all been talking about it for so long now,  The Brazilians Vs. The Mexicans in World Cup Futbol. As you can imagine, Brazil will stop completely to watch it. I am no different, and my family and I are hosting a carioca churrasco for our friends and then we’ll watch the game together (with yellow and green hats and all). So, here goes our menu if you want to follow this tradition for tonight or any of the other games:

We have picanha, sirloin, chicken hearts and some really amazing mineira (from Minas Gerais) sausages, which are small, thin and spicy.

We also have potato salad, which will be made specially by my German interchange friend, according to her it is in their blood, germans must bring kartoffelsalat (who am I to disagree 🙂 ).

Also, we are catering to vegetarians with some vegetable kebabs.  There will also be a whole salmon on the grill with the meat.

For drinks we’ve got beer, caipirinhas, and wine.

For dessert, there will be chocolate truffles and brigadeiro. If you’re not yet familiar with brigadeiro, well you’re missing out big time! Here goes my recipe just in case:


– 200 ml of sweetened condensed milk

– 5 tablespoons of 50% baking chocolate

– 1 tablespoon of butter

Stir it all in a pan before heating it, after it starts heating use low temperature (the lowest you can get) and stir constantly, you’ll notice it thickens after boiling for a couple of minutes. Take it out and let it cool down. You can dip strawberries#BraVMex for a wow factor.

As you can see, it is all very international and mixed up, which means it is very Brazilian! Hehe, if this family gathering isn’t your thing I suggest the good old “go to a bar with friends and watch it”. It is also a lot of fun.

I wish you a great game watching-churrasco eating tonight! Go Brazil! #BraVMex.

Words By Olivia D’Orsi Junquira