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Getting Your Kitchen Ready For Serving Churrasco At Home

Matthew Baron Churrasco Party

Summer comes and with all new guests to our backyard. Lately, I’ve given you advice on what types of meats, desserts, wines, fish, and vegetables to grill healthy.

How to make your own churrasco at home to get people talking?

Today, I will tell you how easy and simple it is to mount our barbecue grill top on your barbecue and start enjoying the barbecue experience in a different way. The first thing is to buy our barbecue kit. Assemble it. It is very easy with four pieces to screw together. You can mount from three skewers to six. Churrasco Chef like myself. Daniel Miller, use one skewer for one vegetable or one meat. We do not make kebabs for churrasco at home. Mushrooms on the Mushrooms Skewer. Picanha on the Picanha Skewer.

Everything will depend on the guests that you have over to your home that day. I will tell you a secret, once one of your guests try your barbecue on skewers, they will never miss another barbecue at your house. You can see my advice given on wines and how to succeed at the barbecue parties. You know what types of wine to choose.

If we have guests who do not like meat you can read about what fish to choose. A party with enough people will always have Vegan guests, we have looked at how to grill vegetables along with the meats. If some guests are on a diet, homemade and very good types of sauces, such as chimichurri and all oil sauces, as well as, finishing the evening with a good homemade dessert.

Brazilian BBQ Kits, Churrasco At Home

Ah!! I have not yet told you the best part of the home barbecue kit.

This Memorial Day weekend, we had a party in our backyard and had many guests. Suddenly, it starts to rain. We took the entire barbecue kit inside and put it on our stove. Problem solved. We can enjoy our barbecue from our dining room and look through the window as it rains. The Brazilian BBQ kit can be used for both outdoor and indoor churrasco at home. If the weather forces us inside then we lift up the entire thing because it is light and easy to move.

So, if you want to enjoy a Brazilian experience in your backyard then we are your company. We have everything you might need and advice if you want to open your own home Churrascaria. Our blog has all the tips. Until the next time, enjoy the grilling.

Daniel Miller
Head Chef At Fogo De Chao