Vegetable Skewers Grilled Using Churrasco Method

Vegetable Skewers Grilled Using Churrasco Shop Method

Matthew Baron Skewers

Today, I will give you a good recipe for you to eat some delicious Churrasco Vegano. I hope you like it. Bon appetit.

We go with an vegetables that are easy, rich, and also healthy. An advantage is that we can use the vegetables we have already started at home. Take out your churrasco skewers and lets get started on those vegetables.


You can use the vegetables you prefer, but I tell you how I did them in this case:
Cherry tomatoes (I recommend you put them, they are very rich)
Peppers (red and green)
Whole fresh mushrooms
Salt Fat
Olive oil
Modena Vinegar Reduction


Espetu Vegano Churrasco

We wash the vegetables well. Then start cutting them into small pieces so that they can be heated evenly. Except the tomatoes. If we use cherry tomatoes that we can put whole and the mushrooms that I cut in half. We also cut the tofu in cubes.

Then, we put in the point of the skewer. I was adding them all in the same order, but only to improve the presentation. Put some olive oil on the plate and place the skewers. Add pepper and salt to taste.

 Watch for them to be made everywhere by turning them from time to time. Once ready, we can accompany them with reduction of Modena vinegar or other sauce that you like.
Ok guys, I going to give you the recipe of Modena Vinegar Reduction, simple and easy.

Vegetable Churrasco Skewers


200 cc. Of Modena vinegar
50 gr. Brown sugar

In a saucepan put the two ingredients and let it boil, stirring occasionally, very low fire until it is reduced to 1/3 part of its initial volume.

Approximately 35-40 minutes.

The reason for the slow burning is to keep it from bitter. 
I have put those amounts for the proportions, but you already know that you can prepare the amount you want.
 Next, depending on the quality of the vinegar, you can put more or less amount of sugar. 
You can also add some orange juice, apart from scented it gives a touch of flavor. 
When boiling the vinegar it will smell very strong so I advise you to open your window.

Daniel Miller
Head Chef At Fogo De Chao Churrascaria