Bringing Brazilian Barbecue To Disorient Country Club

Matthew Baron Churrasco Party

Churrasco Grilling at Disorient Country Club

2014 was my first year at Disorient Country Club.  Disorient is a huge group that camps on the Esplanade for Burning Man.  Country Club is their event in the Catskills for camping and relaxing over the Memorial Day weekend.

Before I went, I knew that I wanted to BBQ.  My churrasco skewers we speaking to me and the summertime was upon us.  So I went to the Italian Market in Philadelphia and loaded up on meats.  I brought the chicken sausage with the basil and provolone.  I brought the prime rib. And I brought some chicken hearts because I am into organ meats this summer.

From my experience, I knew that many Burners go Vegetarian.  Many in my crew, The Space Pirates, are Vegetarians.   So when loading up for Disorient Country Club, I brought some tofu chunks and some vegetables to roast.  I brought a can of lychees, which are a Chinese fruit, that is a large, sweet berry.  Water chestnuts and lychees are the two Chinese fruits and vegetables that I have to master the cooking of.

When we arrived..

When we arrived in the middle of the night, all the Space Pirates coolers were full.  Luckily, Joe Che, had some room left in his cooler.  He is a Disorienter out of Brooklyn and a big help.  So Saturday, it was on.  Sausages.  Steaks.  Other people brought in meats that they wanted me to grill.  DJ Shaggy gave me some Chicken Sausage.

Sunday, I brought the BBQ out for the tofu and the vegetables for all of my Space Pirates. So that night, I started in on the vodka.  Memorial Day, Monday morning, I was less than alright.  Luckily however, my friend, Gaetan, came to Disorient Country Club with a blender and a concoction of  chia seeds and berries and other wonderful things that healed me.  I was back to life and able to break down camps.  I cooked what was left of the meat over the fire still burning from the Effigy Burn.

See you wonderful Disorienters at Burning Man.

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