Backyard Churrasco For the July 4th Holiday

Backyard Churrasco For the July 4th Holiday

Matthew Baron Churrasco Party

We are coming to the July 4th holiday in a few days and that means barbecue, family, and friends.

If you want to hit, always choose rib eye. If you like your meat medium rare then you will be able to enjoy this juicy and very tasty meat. Rib Eye is a pleasure to the palate. We put this meat on the skewer, we add a touch of sea salt on the meat, and then right onto our backyard churrasco BBQ. After a few minutes and you can have a good time in family in 4th of July together.

USA Flag For The July 4th Holiday

The Summer Event For Backyard Churrasco

July 4th is the best holiday all year in United States. So, delight in having a barbecue feast and make the special people in your life enjoy all kind of meats and veggies. Make them at your own churrasco.  Do not forget that skewers can also make a burger. Add some different sauces. We have said on other occasions, you have a healthy and homemade option with the “all i oli” and chimichurri.  I have written before about how much I don’t like supermarket options like ketchup, ranch, A1, etc.

For a  quick recipe for this special occasion, is very simple and very tasty plan. Put sirloin on the skewer, then bacon, followed by a prune, and then again with the sirloin, bacon, and prune to make a skewer. For each skewer, you can feed one person. Put it on your backyard churrasco setup and do not forget that the bacon has to be grilled all the way through. The bacon is pork and will always need to be well done.

I hope you enjoy this July 4th.

Daniel Miller
Head Chef At Fogo De Chao