Churrasqueria Gauchos, History Of Churrasqueria Gauchos

Churrasqueria Gauchos

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Today, we are going to explain a little history about Churrasqueria Gauchos. If we want to know if you are in a real Brazilian Restaurant, the first thing is that those who serve you the barbecue must be Gauchos. At …

Marinated Beef For A Picanha Skewer

Tenderize Your Picanha Skewer With Beer

Matthew Baron Recipes, Skewers

We take a look at the delicious walk that beer and meat down, holding hands, while on Churrasco Street. It’s the number one beverage for churrascos and barbecue lovers all over the world. Beer is used in cooking in cultures …


Improving your Fraldinha

Matthew Baron Brazil, History

Known in Brazil as Fraldinha (known as Flank Steak in the US) was introduced in Brazil by Marcos Bassi. He is a Butcher and Restauranteur from São Paulo whom in 1967 introduced Fraldinha. One of his costumers was a French …

Churrasco And Cachaca, 51 Cachaca, velho barreiro Cachaca

The Perfect Match: Churrasco and Cachaça

Matthew Baron Churrasco Party

There’s space for two things in a Brazilian’s heart: Churrasco and Cachaça. For those who still hadn’t heard of Cachaca, it’s the national liquour of Brazil, being made of sugar cane. Well, what do they have in common? Actually, a …

Churrasco Vegano

Churrasco Vegano

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Churrasco Vegano – good for people and animals alike! Nowadays it’s hard to find someone who has never heard of the Vegans. They advocate for the abstaining of the consumption of animal products and fight against the view that animals …

Churrasco Farofa

Churrasco Farofa: The indispensable side dish

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Churrasco Farofa: The Indispensable Side Dish The meat is certainly the most important aspect of any churrasco. But meat alone isn’t enough for a churrasco, at least not here in Brazil! The side dishes are definitely as important as the …