An Easter Churrasco Story

Matthew Baron Brazil, Churrasco Party

Happy Easter everyone!

In Brazil, this Holiday is sometimes joined by another one, Tiradentes Day, which makes it almost a week long. Because this happened this year, my family and I got together in Brasilia to celebrate and have easter egg hunts. Yup. that’s plural, we had 4 of them. Also, because one of my uncles lived in Rio Grande do Sul for a long time, he is a great churrasqueiro. And we couldn’t pass the opportunity of having him cook for us! So, since the Friday before easter you’re not supposed to eat meat, instead, we had fish. Bacalhau, to be more specific, and it was amazing!

This is only one of the many times when red meat or pork meat, for one reason or another (say, maybe a vegetarian sister that eats only fish), just isn’t the best for the day! But you still want to have a good Easter Churrasco. And to invite everyone over and relax. Well, fret no more, because Salmon and Bacalhau are here to save your churrasco!

Our favorite at my house is salmon, and it is also the simplest, all you need is a nice side of salmon (we get about 1.2 kg for 5 people), complete with the skin, and limes. Simply put it on the grill for about 20 minutes, remember to check on it often because it cooks really fast! Then serve. Limes are a nice complement, but if you think it’s too bland, you can make a lime+olive oil+salt sauce to dip the pieces. The skin will come off easily and some people like to eat it crispy like chips.

An Easter Churrasco Story

Bacalhau is a bit more tricky, but also very tasty, so here goes a very good recipe. You’ll still need a nice side cut, after unsalting it, brush it with olive oil to prevent it from going dry on the grill. Once it is on the grill you have to really look after it, it cooks very fast and it will dry up if overcooked. So, keep brushing both sides with olive oil during the Easter Churrasco grilling.

Fatty fish can be tricky on the grill because they drop fat and that raises the fire. There are a few ways you can prevent that. You can spread onion rings on top of the embers. Or, use a water spray to settle them down when needed.

After eating, all we could of this amazing fish, we all went Easter egg hunting in the garden! I certainly recommend it!

Words by Olívia Junqueira

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