final do brazileirao party

Final do Brazileirao Party

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Final do Brazileirao Party

Rio de Janeiro is the center of many of Brazil’s great things. (And many of its horrible things too, mind you!). If you’re into soccer.

If you’re into soccer (futebol, please!), you’ll know that it is also the center stage for the 2014 Brazilian World Cup! And for much of the soccer frenzy in our country too. As expected, Cariocas do many things differently, and churrasco is no exception to this rule.

What you may not know is that we have homebound traditions related to soccer that are very similar (in intention if not in form) to your traditions regarding watching futball at home. Only ours, cariocas that is, almost always involve churrasco and…. (Nope, not caipirinha) beer! And a big screen TV. Possibly some samba (if your team wins), and a lot of cursing (if your team loses or seems to be going down).

Just like Superbowl finals.. (Ah, nope..!)

Just Like Superbowl finals, the Brazileirão finals drive lots of people to gather friends at home (the home of the one that owns the biggest TV) and barbecue picanha and linguiças.   You can expect much drinking beer while watching the game at a Brazileirao Party. So here is a great suggestion for you if you want to participate in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Need the World Cup spirit, but can’t afford the trip to Brazil, have a “Final do Brazileirao Party” themed churrasco!

You’ll need someone that has a big screen tv, and about one pound of meat per guest. I suggest picanha, chicken hearts and sausages. You’ll also need as much beer as you and your guests want. And lastly, someone willing to be the person that runs back and forth between the barbecue and the tv.

You may also want to have some Brazilian music to set the mood. Perhaps, Skank’s (yes, I know this sounds strange but it is the name of a famous Brazilian band)! “É Uma partida de futebol” will do nicely and their other work is great too.

You can also use the kind of equipment available here at Churrasco Shop, which allows you to make a churrasco in your kitchen, thus eliminating the annoying back and forth and the even worse possibility of burning the meat.

Now “É só partir pro abraço!”!


Words By Olívia d’Orsi Junqueira

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