Argentinean Churrasco Recipes

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Argentinean Churrasco Recipes

The Argentines love their meat. They’re one of the largest consumers of red meat in the world. And unsurprisingly, they make a fun cooking tradition out of what would seem the enjoyment of the ordinary steak.

Steak is a wonderful meat. Beef have this immense depth of flavor, great fat marbling, and overall wonderful texture. It’s easy to cook, and a great place for a chef to pull off magnificent successes in the kitchen. For great Argentinean churrasco recipes, remember that the fireplace is the center of the home. And eventually, this is where family comes together, where food is cooked, and where good times are had.

Asado: Argentinian thin sliced steak

Asado in Argentina is a steak that you slice very thin, which they cook over hot coals. Sometimes they also add fried eggs. It’s a great dish, and sometimes you can cook the meat in actual contact with the coals, sitting right on top of them on the fire. The Argentines have made this their national dish, inserting it into a prominent narrative where steak,

The Argentines consider this their national dish.  Inserting it into a prominent narrative where steak, cowboys and masculinity reign supreme. It’s very easy to make too.  With grass-fed beef from the pampas, or plains figuring heavily into what is used. A friend came back from Argentina and explained to me that the steak he had there was so good and flavorful, that he almost cried. And that you need very little of it because the natural flavor was so pure and clean, that you can taste what beef truly should to taste like.

So all you will ever need is a light marinade of garlic, olive oil and cilantro. Or to just let the meat go on naturally with only a little salt. Contact with the coals makes it cook quickly and in a flavorful way. Also, one can pull it on and off in just a minute or two.

There is little magic to a great Asado, aside from the patience of building a well coaled fire. Oh, and aside from picking out some great meat, and the patience and intuition of a good bbq chef.