Brazilian Skewers For Barbecues In America

Matthew Baron Skewers

America is slowly getting a hang of using Brazilian skewers as a way of cooking beef over a fire.

Americans are turning towards the flavorful combination of meat that is both grilled and roasted at the same time. Seeing that it allows its natural flavors to come out and speak for themselves.

From Burgers and Hot Dogs to.. Brazilian Skewers

Our generation grew up with burgers and hot dogs on a grill. That, with small amounts of meat and vegetables combined on small shish kebab skewers on a grill, making for a fun meal. Unfortunately, without the grandeur and pure flavor large chunks of meat working together to make a great meal. However, it seems there is a pickup happening in Americans “warming up” to wanting to take

However, it seems like there is a pickup happening in Americans “warming up” to wanting to take grilling further. From the toothpick shish-kebab skewer, to making a more impressive meal out of the grilling ritual.

So interestingly, large sword-like skewers do play well into this narrative. How? By bringing together two cowboy cultures and making for a really fun new barbecue tradition. The Brazilian skewers are the king in this picture. Large, shiny, and with wooden handles, they represent a new entry into real barbecue equipment to bear on the American grill.

So, by borrowing from our South American friends, these new friends are making the grill an exciting place to be again.