Skewers For Any Argentine Grill Kit

Josh Koplin Skewers

Skewers For Any Argentine Grill Kit

The Argentines do churrasco in a number of different ways. They can do the traditional skewer-based churrasco like one typically sees in a Brazilian churrascaria. Or they can use adjustable height iron grills over a fire, or direct contact with the coals to cook the meat. To do the skewer-based Argentine grilling type affair, one simply needs good, sturdy skewers. You can mount the skewers in a churrasco Argentine grill over coals, and shove it straight into the ground around a fire pit. Or place it across the top of an improvised grill pit. Typically, an old fuel drum or stone firepit make the pits. Then you can rest the skewers across the top. You can use the good skewers to hold the meat from preparation, through cooking and serving. This makes them quite versatile and clean up a rather quick snap.

Selection of a good skewer..

Selection of a good skewer is based really on craftsmanship. Also, on how much one wants to spend and what is available. Skewers can run the gamut from light and cheap all the way through sturdy professional models meant for long life fashioned out of food grade stainless steel. Whatever you end up buying, keep in mind that you won’t be getting rid of them anytime soon once you get into churrasco. I bought my first skewers five years ago and have yet to tire of using them.

Occasions keep arising where it’s quite fun and entertaining to quickly whip up a fire. And to gather folks around it to the tune of skewers and fresh meat. So if you want to really impress your friends, build a medium sized bonfire. Then,  let it burn down for a while to white hot coals as they arrive. Next, place cuts of marinated aside on your skewers, and thrust them dramatically into the earth around the fire pit. They will look at you askance at first, and then will have the best time of their lives as long as you have some good Argentine red wine to wash it all down.