Triple Churrasco Skewer (Espetu Triplo)



About Triple Skewer

Our Triple Skewer (also known as ‘Espetu Triplo’) is the ideal choice for grilling a whole chicken or half a turkey. They’re also an amazing choice for cooking larger primal cuts of beef (such as flank and sirloin). Not only that, but it also is ideal for meats that require wider support, such as fish or larger vegetables like heirloom tomatos.

✓ Our product is crafted with high-quality stainless steel, resulting in a professional-grade skewer;

✓ Design includes a partially spherical stainless steel rod, wooden handle and a flat tip on the end;

✓ Our triple skewer also comes with a rotator ring mounted on the shaft;

✓ They’re perfect for use on a professional restaurant style churrasco grill, as well as for catering or at home;

✓ Metal-working artists in Brazil manufactured our steel, from 316 grade stainless steel;

✓ Woodworking artisans out of Maple crafted the wooden handles.



29.5″ Total Length

19″ Blade Length

3″ Blade Width

Modern Media, the Internet and globalization have popularized Brazillian barbecue over the past decade. Our triple skewers are designed to be optimal for multiple avenues, be it a Brazillian restaurant, or the stay-at-home parent looking for a new way to grill.

The triple skewer is a fun way to serve people succulent meats. Also, its shape is fun and reminiscent of childhood television shows. Further than that, the skewer allows you to slice off food as needed (when it is finished cooking), then giving you the option of putting it back over the flames to keep warm.