Grilling during the winter

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Grilling during the winter


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grilling during the winter

So it’s the middle of winter. Brrrr, and it’s pretty cold. And only the heartiest or most insane of us are out in the middle of the snows grilling during the winter. So even though it’s freezing, how does one keep bbq not only in their hearts and minds and actually get a chance to do it anymore. Well, oddly enough,

So even though it’s freezing, how does one keep bbq not only in their hearts and minds but actually get a chance to do it anymore? Well, oddly enough, Brazilian bbq can be a perfect fit to break the grilling during the winter doldrums.

Why is that? It’s because short of having a firepit in the middle of your living room, you can use different tool and technologies at your disposal to make great brazilian barbecue. Without even having to set foot outside in the cold.

Picanha in the Living Room.. in the fireplace

It sounds strange, but good old picanha and other cuts of meat can be whipped up in two places that are fun and tasty. Your stovetop or even your fireplace. Fireplace you say? How do you do that? Well, the original gaucho way is still the best. All you need is a triple skewer holder meant for the table, some good oven mitts, skewers and meats. And you’re off on your way.

You can place different cuts on skewers and put them up vertically in a triple skewer holder. Stand them right in front of the fireplace, turning them gently over time with your hand in an oven mitt. All while watching them roast away, and heat of the fire licking it off.

It takes a little longer than normal grilling during the winter. But your friends and family will love it. And it will drive everyone to hang around in front of a nice wood fire, crackling away, for an evening of fun and adventure.

Fireplace not an option?

Not so bold as to cook right in front of your fireplace? Or simply don’t have one? Not a big problem. If you have a gas range, preferably one of the professional kind, you can make it right in your kitchen.

Make sure you have a good ventilation hood and it’s on full blast. Take the covers off your gas burners, and place the grill adapter right over top. Put two burners on medium to high gas heat, and you’re ready to go. Be careful, grease will be dripping and burning off as you go. It will be collecting all over your burners, so it will require a bit of cleanup when you’re done. But what a messy and fun feast you have in store for you. Ten to twenty minutes in, you should have

Ten to twenty minutes in, you should have Brazilian grilled steak ready to go. Ready to slice delicious morsels off for your guests and put em right back on and keep going. It makes the most amazing lamb chops as well. All you need is churrasco skewers, lamb and salt, and you’re off to the races.

Grilling during the winter is a great way to break up the winter doldrums. Gather your family and friends around something fun and adventurous night, right in the kitchen. It works year round! But what better time to take advantage of the ability to grill and relax indoors more than celebrating fire, friends and red meat right in the comfort of your own home..?