Lesbian Sausage Festival

Garden Of Heathens – Lesbian Sausage Party

Matthew Baron Churrasco Party

Freeform 2013. Garden OF Heathens. Lesbian Sausage Party. Saturday June 15. 4 PM, 2013.

So Dee had some anduile sausages that she hand made for this event. I came with the Churrasco grill top, skewers, and a few sausages of my own from Seabra Supermarkets. Dee and myself just killed it at Freeform this year. We fed about 50 people and everybody said that the food was fine. We grilled Dee’s anduile sausages first.  Then we got in the Picanha and the Linguica.

Churrasco At The Lesbian Sausage Party

Gaetan with a meat skewer, Gaetan Spurgin with a meat skewer

Ladies Love Churrasco


Dee Prepares The Churrasco Grill

Baron With A Triple Skewer



Lesbian Sausage Party















Such a great day at the Freeform Festival with my friends and the chance to meet new friends.

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