Churrasco is the perfect party meal

Matthew Baron Brazil, Churrasco Party, Skewers

About Churrasco Party Meal

Churrasco is the perfect party meal! Having a house party, churrasco is a great way to go. Churrasco grilling allows you to slow grill meats and serve them hot and tasty as needed.

If you have ever been to a Brazilian BBQ restaurant, you have seen servers walking around to the tables and carving meat for customers off of giant skewers. What you probably haven’t seen are the skewers going back to the chef. So they can sear them to perfection for the next customer. This method of sear and serve works great for a house party. You can roast and serve, and always have hot perfect meat ready for the new guest. No one likes waiting for the late comers to start the food. Especially when all the other guest are starving. Nor do we want to serve cold pre-cooked food to those that just couldn’t get there.

This is where churrasco is perfect, you can slow cook and serve as you need. As the guests arrive, they can be greeted with warm, seared to perfection, grilled food. With no waiting time, and always something fresh for the next group. With your churrasco grill you can load skewers with various pieces of meat and vegetables and have them ready for the fire as needed and while one has just gone on, another is ready to serve.

Setting the Churrasco party..

To set up the perfect churrasco party is easy. Firstly, set up your grill and load your skewers with the chosen cuts of meat and vegetables. Then as the guest arrive, start small with your first churrasco skewers cooking. The lower setting allows you to sear the meat and then you can move it to the top tier to roast and keep warm. As people are ready to eat you can carve directly onto their plates or onto a large serving plate where they can serve themselves from, then back to the grill with the meat. For larger gatherings you can keep skewers in a constant rotation from bottom to top and serving and always have something hot and tasty for the new guests! Make some rice and beans to go with your churrasco meat and vegetables and your meal is ready.

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