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Churrascaria Design – How Churrasco Restaurants Work

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Churrascaria Design – How Churrasco Restaurants Work

Like we saw before, people as a whole, are fascinated by the taste of food cooked over a fire. Churrasco in many forms is widely spread around the globe and enjoyed for a variety of occasions. In Brazil, we mostly consider Churrascos for events like a house party. On the other hand, it could be for a quiet dinner party if we want to go fancy. However, nobody really wants to deal with all the mess and preparation required for a great Churrasco in our homes. So we go out together to a Churrascaria.

All the options that they have in Brazil will amaze you! Most even have a great vegetarian section (I know, right?) and sushi! So, they are great for work socials, when you can’t be sure everyone likes to eat the same things. It is now the time of the year to go out to celebrate the end of a great year.

Churrascarias in the South of Brazil

Churrascarias in the South of Brazil are very traditional. You can find almost the same thing in all of them, with varying degrees of quality and “fanciness”. They will have Espeto Corrido or Rodizio. This is a serving style where waiters go around the tables offering different meat cuts or side dishes. They will also have a great salad/sushi/vegetarian food buffet. This is the one tha you can pay for in either by kilo or in the espeto corrido’s price.

The Churrascaria decorations vary a bit more, the really amazing ones even have their Fogo De Chão (or ‘Ground Fire’ in English) placed in plain view in the middle of the restaurant. Customers can take their time and can check out the meat and choose their favorites from the pit themselves. It is a little gruesome for some people, but then again, it is a Churrascaria. And therefore, it is all about the roasted meat. The restaurants will generally be in different hues of brown, leather and wood. Some strive for “typical” and will have their staff dressed in gaucho clothing, just like some “Wild West” restaurants do in the US.

Great news for anyone living in the US. Churrascaria Fogo de Chão is opening new Churrascarias all the time in different cities. Travel to the closest one and you won’t be disappointed.

Happy barbecuing!


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