Brazilian Ribs on the Barbie

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Brazilian Ribs on the Barbie

It is widely known that the Master Churrasqueiros are here in the South of Brazil, our Gauchos. One of their yummiest specialties are meats prepared on Fogo De Chão. When translated, this means “Fire From Floor”. But since this is kinda hard to pull-off (and makes a huge mess), today I’ll share with you some important basics. Ones that will get that churrasco mouthwatering flavor just right. And without having to dig a pit and hope the meat doesn’t fall down with the wind.

That said, the best meat to use is one that has to cook for 5-6 hours. Yes, our version of ribs takes a while! But trust me. You WILL want to wait for it!

The best Brazilian ribs I have ever tasted, you could get a piece of the meat using a fork. Yeah, that’s how tender they were. They are the ones made by my good friend Klaus. Thanks to him, he has graciously agreed to share his expertise you us:

Klaus’s Beef Ribs

For this delicious recipe you will need:

Churrasco charcoal, and solid fuel charcoal lighter

Polyester cooking bag. Make sure you wrap them enough so that the ribs don’t puncture the bag or film.

A barbecuer.

Short Beef ribs.

Coarse salt.

Metal grill to go over the barbecuer.

You can find all you need for this on Churrasco Shop’s Beef Ribs Kit.

If you prefer to cook this in the oven, that can also be done. Just follow steps 1-3, and then put the wrapped Brazilian ribs in the oven at 180 degrees celsius for 6 hours. Then unwrap it, and let it get golden at a higher temperature for about ten minutes. Then proceed to step 7!

1) For starters you will need the right piece of beef ribs, it should have a vivid red color, at least 2 inches of meat, and a proportion of about 2 thirds meat to one third fat. The amount per person in calculated at 500 g or 1.1 pound per person, because you have to consider the weight of bone and fat.

2) The seasoning is as simple as it gets, just coarse salt, enough so that it is uniformly spread on each side, but no salt crust.
Like this:

Churrasco Salt

Churrasco Salt


3) It is time to wrap the whole rib in polyester cooking film or bag, if you’re using a bag you will probably need 2, if using a film wrap it around 4 times in one direction then , without cutting the film, wrap it 4 more times in the other direction:

How To Rub Ribs

4) Now for the fire, for a normal size Brazilian barbecuer 30’’ long 23” high and 29’’ deep, you will need about 15 kg (33 pounds) of charcoal, they usually come in 5 or 6 kg bags, so three bags to be on the safe side. Pour the first bag to inside the barbecuer on the corner and scoot about one third on to the middle, light it using the solid lighter (liquid alcohol makes a flame too high and hot for this kind of meat).

5) To make sure the fire is at the right temperature, hover your hand above the charcoal (about 15cm / 6’’ above) and try to count to 5, if you can’t reach five it is too hot, if you can go over it, it is not hot enough. You will have to maintain the fire as constant as you can, so testing it once in a while is important. Remember: don’t test with your hand below the ribs, you will get drops of boiling fat on your hand, so take them out for a moment, test the fire and put them back.

6) Place the wrapped ribs on a grill above the fire, what you should observe is the fat, it should start boiling around the 4th hour, let it boil for 2 hours, around the 6th hour you should take it out, unwrap it completely and put it back for 10 min to golden and crispen the outside, for that you should liven the fire a bit too.

7) Now the best part, dig in and enjoy this amazingly tender churrasco tasting treat.  Impress with this Brazilian ribs recipe from the professionals.

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