Reasons to invest in skewers.

Matthew Baron Skewers

Reasons to invest in Skewers:

Have you ever wanted to add some flavor to your cooking? Have you ever wanted to spice up dinner or family gatherings? If so, the unique cooking style of a Brazilian Churrasco grill is the answer! You can place Churrasco grills overtop of any grill! Charcoal, gas, you name it! And you use Brazilian Skewers to cook your meats over your grill for a taste busting experience! Because meat is put on Churrasco Skewers, it allows your meats to stay above your grill. The meat rotates on the skewers, then allowing your meat to cook evenly. Because the skewers keep meat off the grill, it also helps keep food sanitary from leftover food that may be on your grill.

Churrasco grill adds flavor by having the fattier meats on skewers overtop of other meats on skewers. By doing so, all the flavor drips from the fattier meats down over all the food. Thereby creating a taste your family will be drooling over. Churrasco grills are easy to use. However, it will have your family and friends thinking you spent months perfecting it. Afterall, such high-quality tasting meal it was! It’s also the perfect gift for husbands and anyone who loves to cook great food. A Brazilian grill is the gift that keeps giving. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you later!

Featured in Michael Chiarello’s new book.. Skewers and Grills were featured in Michael Chiarello’s new book about cooking over open flame coming out in April 2013. Titled “Live Fire” it showcases many of the interesting applications of Brazilian and Argentinian barbecue and shows off several of our products and the most authentic manner of using the Brazilian skewer in everyday cooking. Chiarello is an award-winning Chef, Restaurateur, and BBQ Genius. Michael Chiarello is an Emmy award-winning television host, Top Chef Master, former Iron Chef, and a master of cooking meats over a fire.