Finding the Right Churrasco Skewers

Matthew Baron Skewers

The single most common problem chefs have with Brazilian Churrasco is finding the right kind of skewers that do the job. I have looked around different cooking stores from time to time to find the right kind, but they just don’t make them like they do in Brazil. While I was down in Brazil I bought my own authentic churrasco skewers. Meanwhile, here in the mainland, there really isn’t anything close to what I have. The best skewers that match up are online. So I went searching for some sites that have some for sale. The first I found that may be useful but pricey is the Churrasco Shop. Shipping just a simple set of Churrasco skewers can be expensive.

Michael Chiarello & Churrasco Skewers

Michael Chiarello’s new book has featured Churrasco Shop Skewers and Grills! The books is about cooking over open flame, coming out in April 2013. Titled “Live Fire” it showcases many of the interesting applications of Brazilian and Argentinian barbecue and shows off several of our products and the most authentic manner of using the Brazilian skewer in everyday cooking. Chiarello is an award winning Chef, Restaurateur, and BBQ Genius. Michael Chiarello is an Emmy award winning television host, Top Chef Master, former Iron Chef, and a master of cooking meats over a fire.

What Brazilian skewers for a barbecue will require:

  • The blade section should be at least 2 feet long and no less then a 1/2 an inch in width
  • A comfortable Wooden handle
  • And a Sharp tip at the end to stab through meat

Happy grilling!