1 Dozen Medium Churrasco Skewers



About 1 Dozen Medium Churrasco Skewers

This 1 Dozen Medium Churrasco Skewers set is great for more popular cuts of Churrasco such as Picanha (Sirloin), short ribs, top sirloin (Alcatra) and many other beautiful cuts.

✓ All Churrasco Shop skewers are designed with a partially spherical, stainless steel blades;

✓ Come with wooden handles, and flat tip on the end;

✓ Also come with a rotator ring mounted on the shaft for use on a professional, restaurant-style churrasco grill as well as our home and catering designs.

✓ Manufactured in Brazil from 316-grade stainless steel,

✓ Handle crafted of Brazilian mahogany, great for the home rotisserie.

✓ Cleans up easily with soap and water.

If you need more information on Brazilian BBQ than you can read an article Churrasco article.

Specs and Uses

29.5″ Total Length

19″ Blade Length

3/4″ Blade Width

We sell medium skewers individually, as well as in sets of 50 and 100.  These skewers are great when cooking outdoors and you need to get your food over the fire. 1 Dozen Medium Churrasco Skewers are also good for cooking anywhere without pots and pans. Hot dogs and sausages are great for medium skewers. The medium churrasco skewer is a fun way to serve people hot food. Skewers let you carve off food when it is done and then allow you to put it back over the heat.

Featured in “Live Fire”

Michael Chiarello’s new book about cooking over open flame, featured Churrascoshop.com Skewers and Grills.

Titled “Live Fire“, the book is coming out in April 2013. It showcases many of the interesting applications of Brazilian as well as Argentinian barbecue. It also shows off several of our products and the most authentic manner of using the Brazilian skewer in everyday cooking. Chiarello is an award-winning Chef, Restaurateur, and BBQ Genius. Also, Michael Chiarello is an Emmy award-winning television host, Top Chef Master, a former Iron Chef, and a master of cooking meats over a fire.