History Of Brazil's Best Churrasco Chefs

A History Of Brazil’s Best Churrasco Chefs

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A History Of Brazil’s Best Churrasco Chefs

In a few days, a lot of gaúchos will celebrate what became known as the “Ragamuffin War” (Guerra Farroupilha). This was a republican uprising against the imperial government of the time. As we know, the people who lived in Rio Grande do Sul are, as they were at that time, mostly from the Gaúcho tradition. A set of cultural beliefs and expression.

As we also know, they love their meat. At the time, they produced great amounts of beef jerky. Contrary to most of Brazil, however, their market was focused internally. This led to suffering a lot with competition from beef jerky imported from Argentina and Uruguay. They spearheaded this uprising against the imperial government. Eventually, at the climax, the uprising spread throughout Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. Which is now one of the reasons we have a lot of Gaúcho Cultural Centers. Many of the writings of the early revolutionaries mention the treaties made over dinner. They also give us a history of Brazil’s best churrasco chefs.

Peace that came with the Ponche Verde Treaty

Eventually, the peace came with good rewards for the gauchos, as you can read below, according to Wikipedia:

History Of Brazil's Best Churrasco ChefsOn 1 March 1845, the peace negotiations led by Lima e Silva and Antônio Vicente da Fontoura concluded with the signing of the Ponche Verde Treaty between the two sides, in Dom Pedrito. The treaty offered the rebels a full amnesty, full incorporation into the imperial army and the choice of the next provincial president. The Empire paid off all the debts of the Riograndense Republic and introduced a tariff of 25% on imported charque. The Treaty did not state clearly whether the Riograndense and Juliana republics remained independent, but they remained in the Empire and are now two states of the Federative Republic of BrazilRio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina respectively.

Now though, the celebration of the rewards from the uprising will be held throughout these two states in the Centro de Tradições Gaúchas. So come back to our blog and learn more about the history Of Brazil’s best churrasco chefs.