Hanging barbecue skewers in the kitchen

How to hang barbecue skewers in your kitchen

Josh Koplin Skewers

How to hang barbecue skewers in your kitchen

Brazilian Churrasco Barbecue skewers

I keep a small smattering of barbecue skewers hanging in my kitchen, why? simple, you never actually know when the spirit will catch you and you’re ready to whip up some churrasco. I designed a grill adapter for most grills that allows you to simply drop it on and start grilling. But I discovered over one rainy brunch that it fit over top of two of the burners on my stove. It lead to me sometimes grilling totally impromptu on a regular weeknight some absolutely delicious churrasco. Especially lamb chops, at the drop of a hat. I’ve had dates turn into impromptu churrasco dinners; a couple friends overturning into a multi-meat showcase, it’s always the life of the party.


Keeping Skewers clean is pretty easy!

Keeping skewers clean and handy is something that’s pretty simple. Then I discovered one day that there was a small crack between two of my cabinets over my kitchen sink. It was merely the thin gap between the two. And on a whim, I tried to shove on my churrasco barbecue skewers tips into it. What a surprise, it fit, and the skewer just sat there, perfectly against a wooden cabinet. I shoved in a few more, next thing you know, I had a whole bunch in there and had cleanly stored all of my skewers right over my kitchen sink. After using them, I’d give them a quick scrub with a sponge, soap and water, and push them right back into the gap. And that’s where they stay to this day.

They’re a great conversation starter, and have lead to more than a few impromptu demonstrations after curious guests asked what they were, or why they were there. A simple trip to the cabinet to grab the churrasco grill adapter and put it on the stove, and usually some short ribs and lamb chops were on their way onto skewers before anyone could ask what was going on. About ten to twenty minutes later, people then knew the full power of stovetop churrasco and why this dish was so satisfying and delicious. It’s a win-win.