Home Churrasco – Stove And Grill Top



About The Home Churrasco – Stove And Grill Top

The Home Churrasco – Stove And Grill Top is a professional grade grill top designed to the highest specifications.

✓ An ultimate Brazilian BBQ accessory for the home or back yard.

✓ Fabricated using computer aided designs and 316 grade stainless steel.

✓ The grill adapter also makes making Churrasco fun and easy.

✓ Ease in Assembly. The Home Churrasco Grill Top assembles in just a few minutes.


Our Home Churasco Grill Top are so easy to assemble and use, that you will have all the time you need to prepare your meats and vegetables. Then, you can put it right on top of your existing grill or cover two of the burners on your gas stove in the kitchen!

Our Home Churrasco is designed to hold two loaded skewers on three different levels. Therefore allowing you to sear, brown and roast as you desire!

This essential At-Home-Churrasco-Tool makes you and your guests wonderful juicy steaks in just as little as ten minutes!

However, it does not include skewers. Also, it uses and includes common 1/4-20 machine screws and nuts.

– 18 7/8″ Long
– 14 3/4″ Deep
– 9″ High