Papaya to buy in bulk for your Brazilian Churrasco meal

What Fruits To Buy In Bulk For Your Brazilian Churrasco Meal

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At Churrasco Shop, we are caterers and Gauchos. We want to serve as many people as we can with the best quality meats. This post is not about meats. It is about the fruits that you will find in Brazil. We focus on three fruits that you would find in an authentic Brazilian meal: Papaya, Caju or Cashew, and Mango. We look at how caterers can save money buying in bulk for their events.

Where to get bulk Papaya to cater a Brazilian Churrasco party

Known in America as ‘Papaya‘ but known by the Brazilian locals as ‘Papaw’ or ‘Pawpaw’ in the native Portuguese. You may find fresh papaya at your local Whole Foods but it could be hard to find at a standard market. You can find bulk dried papaya at Gourmet Nuts And Dried Fruit.

Caju or Cashew Fruit

Caju or Cashew Fruit

Where to get bulk cashew seeds from the Caju plant

Cashews are commonly thought of as nuts. They are the seed of the Caju fruit which is common in Brazil. Cashews are very common in Brazil. They are used in appetizers and deserts to accompany the Brazilian BBQ meals. If you are catering an authentic Brazilian meal then you can find bulk raw cashews here. It is hard to find fresh Caju fruit but you can get the flavor of it with this Caju juice from Amazon.

Bulk mango for catering a big Churrasco meal

When feeding an event, you could use an expensive mango or a cheap mango. You could get bulk mango that is dried with sugar added. It is cheap and tastes good. It actually tastes better than the bulk organic mango which is tougher to eat and costs a lot more money. That is mango that is pure and dried. Very simple. It is almost five times as much as the non organic mango.

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