Cooking Lamb On Churrasco Skewers

Cooking Lamb On Churrasco Skewers

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Today, we are going to talk about lamb. It is a meat with a strong flavor but stays very juicy while on a skewer. This meat is very good skewered. I know that the lamb smell is really strong and some people don’t like to cook it at home. The smell of lamb, similar to fish, will last for a number of days.Best to use the outside grill while the Spring, Summer, And Fall allow it. t

My choice will be the lamb ribs. For me, this is the best option. I like the leg of lamb too but I prefer ribs. I recommend when you eat lamb, a very tasty sauce would be the Romesco sauce. This sauce is easy to make and is awesome with any meat. But today were are talking lamb.

Romesco Sauce

The sauce is prepared with the following ingredients:

  • Tomatoes and garlic, roasted preferably in a wood oven, if you don’t have wood oven, use your regular oven.
  • A pestle of roasted almonds and hazelnuts.
  • Some dried red peppers. The originals are called “goat’s horn”, which are roasted just to crystallize them otherwise they bitter, failing which they are used noras.
  • Dressing: rosemary, olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper.
  • Romesco Sauce Ingredients, Romesco Sauce .
    Catalonia, is the name of a Spanish region, but also the name of a tender onion. Used traditionally, the onion is dipped in the the Romesco sauce. It can be found in Spain, ate commonly with the barbecue. Using the onions on the skewer. But the reality is that it is a sauce that is very good with any type of vegetable. Once you try it, then you will find yourself addicted to it. Use my recipe and prepare it. It goes well with meat, vegetables, and fish. Always better when cooking lamb on churrasco skewers.

    The original recipe go with pine nuts, but they are very expensive in Spain. So, people start using hazelnuts and the flavor still the same, trust me and try this at home. You will love it.

    Daniel Miller
    Head Chef at Fogo De Chao