Brazilian meat cuts

Brazilian meat cuts

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We are going to talk about the types of meats used in Churrascarias and types of Brazilian meat cuts. Many people do not know but one of the most important things when it comes to making a barbecue on skewers is the cut of the meat. Each part of the veal is different. Overall, they have different textures. Some have more fats than others. Others are more tender. For those reasons you have to know what cut they must haven advance of the cooking. Then you can always enjoy a tender and juicy piece of meat, whatever be the part of the veal that we eat.

T-Bone / Porterhouse Steak

This cut has a loin and fillet, separated by a “T” shaped bone. It is a very popular cut and easy to differentiate. The loin has excellent texture and flavor. The steak part is softer. It does not have much fat and is sold everywhere. The Porterhouse is bigger and has more meat.

Lomo (Tenderloin Steak)

Known as Lomito, loin or sirloin. It is a cut from the center of the loin and is very expensive. Sirloin has a great flavor and its meat is tender. The meat is usually 2 inches thick. Comparatively to other meats on this list,  Its interior when cooking it is almost crude and quite juicy.

Tri-Tip Steak

It is the favorite cut of the famous Californian roast. It has a triangular shape and is thick, so it is better to cover it to cook it.

Sirloin (Sirloin Cap)

It is a thin oval meat cut with fat and light that has a lot of flavor, juices and texture. This cut is obtained from the end cap of the loin and does not contain bone. Frequently, it is referred to by the Portuguese name, Picanha. However, in America it is commonly called, Tri-Tip.

Churrascaria Brazilian Beef Cuts

Rib Eye Steak

Commonly known as rib eye, veal tenderloin, barbecue or round boy. It is one of the finest, softest and most expensive cuts on the market. It comes from the fifth to the eleventh vertebra of the beef rack. Its meat is soft and has a lot of fat that makes it more tender and great flavor.

Bone-In Rib-Eye

It has a palette shape and is very soft and juicy. Comparatively, this cut contains a little fat and is obtained from the beef rib.

Back Ribs

Ribs is a cut that comes from the beef rib. It has abundant fat and is elongated, with small intermediate bones. Ribs are usually the most tender and fleshy part. There is a suggested method of cooking these particular Brazilian Meat Cuts. Grilled or BBQ or Skewer. That way the juices and smoothness stay in the meat.

Flank Steak

This cut is part of the diaphragm attached to the ribs. It is very popular, similar to the skirt because it is also a lean cut and full of flavor.

Buttocks (Top Round Steak)

In conclusion, we come to the main cut comprising the upper part of the hind leg. Specifically, a lack of fat makes it dry when done on the grill.
There is a suggested method of cooking these particular Brazilian meat cuts. Stewed, Grilled or Skewered.

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