Churrasco skewers around the Fire Pit

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Churrasco skewers around the Fire Pit

So it’s spring, time for cleaning out the house and putting your old churrasco skewers to use

Churrasco skewers

Churrasco skewers brasileiro/Brazilian churrasco (steak grilled) (Photo credit: Wikipedia). So what’s the

Best way to clean up? In my experience, the best way is to burn everything that you simply don’t need any more. Planter boxes, swing sets, brush, leaves, old firewood etc. What you really have is a great recipe for a bonfire, and what’s better than working by throwing things in to a bonfire for that cathartic feeling of destruction and renewal. Churrasco skewers work great with any type of BBQ, so why not put them to use around a homemade fire pit.

Beer, Bonfire, Meat on skewers, and round of shots..

Well, what better way to take it to a whole other level than by
cleaning out your freezer at the same time and throwing some roasted and salty red meat and alcohol into the mix. It’s a recipe for a mixture of disaster and awesomeness, which means fun all around. What better way to involve your friends in the fun and mayhem than to get some beer going, get a small bonfire going, get some meat on skewers roasting in the ground next to them, and then create a totally insane party that involves rounds of shots, rounds of Brazilian barbeque, and rounds of tossing things into the fire and watching them burn.

At the end of all of the mayhem, sit back and drink in a cool drink. Listen to your stomach digest, and look out upon your accomplishments.

You don’t need your friends for this. In fact, if you can enjoy all the fun all by yourself, why share?

It’s simply a great way to get motivated. Do something you’ve been meaning to do, and have a great time doing it. Taking away the sting of procrastination for the time when next year’s mess rolls around needing to be unearthed, cleaned up and reseeded into a nice garden for the year.