Why churrasco is appealing to Americans.

Matthew Baron Brazil

Why churrasco is appealing to Americans?

Americans are always looking for a new and interesting twist on something to eat. They favor food from other cultures, novel presentations, and food that appears fun and adventurous. There is also a massive BBQ movement in America that’s almost hitting its saturation point. Americans love finding ribs, chicken and brisket and the competition to make the best is fierce.

What’s interesting about churrasco is that it seems like a new twist on an old idea, but it’s actually rather traditional. Merging the world of fine steak with BBQ. Essentially, Churrasco is a tradition that South American Cowboys handed down, and is full of flavor, tradition, and adventure. Cowboys of the plains, or pampas slaughter a cow, and put small prime cuts on their swords. They then roast it openly around a large fire, sharing with each other and all around.

So simply by salting the meat and letting the fire roast it, they stumbled into something delicious. Sitting somewhere between grilling and roasting, this style called Brazilian BBQ, allows the natural flavor of beef and other meats to really shine through.

Simple, easy, and fast to eat meat..

Most American BBQs are to drench. Or to rub the meat instead, with a large series of spices and sauces. This will mask and convert its natural flavor to a more appealing one. Gauchos of the southern plains knew the fine taste of the steak they raised. And they also knew it needed little doctoring to taste delicious. What ended up happening was a tradition of simple, easy to prepare, fast to eat meat. One that is so simple to prepare, anyone can achieve easy. A recipe for quick success at home with a minimal of ingredients and equipment.

All one needs is a grill, some meat skewers, meat and salt. They mount the cuts of steak, chicken, pork, or sausage on the skewers, place them on the churrasco grill, which can be over the stove or on top of the grill, and begin to twirl away and roast meat. Within twenty minutes their first tastes of juicy and delicious steak should be coming off, ready to be sliced and enjoyed. The adventure continues for their guests as they get to watch this cowboy way of slicing meat off swords begin to take shape right in front of their eyes. It’s fun for everyone, and even though new to us, a family tradition all over Brazil.