Made of Brazilian sparkling wines and Churrasco

Matthew Baron Churrasco Party

Made of Brazilian sparkling wines and Churrasco

Brazilian sparkling wines have a strong international reputation. Additionally, it is fast gaining popularity as thousands are heading to Brazil for the World Cup 2014.

These sparkling beverages are mainly an elaboration of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The wineries primarily use the charmat method or the traditional bottle fermentation to create them. Moscato or Prosecco variety, on the other hand, make the sweeter sparklings.

They use Charmat method, whose name is after the enologist Eugène Charmat, predominantly to produce higher volumes. In contrast to bottle fermentation, they ferment the basic wine in a pressure tank by adding sugar and yeast. By economizing work and storage place, one can produce the sparklings and offer them for an inexpensive price.