Brazilian Day

Matthew Baron Brazil

Brazilian Day!

We are now in the beginning of September and Brazil’s Independence day is on September 7th, while not as into this celebration as the Americans are into the 4th of July, Brazilians do like to celebrate and acknowledge this important historic date.

On this day our then prince Regent D. Pedro de Alcântara de Bragança (future emperor Dom Pedro I do Brasil), shouted on the margins of the Ipiranga River “Independence or Death!” sealing the emancipation of Brazil from the Portuguese empire.

Fast forwarding to current days, this was an extremely important year for Brazil, our second go at hosting the world’s largest soccer championship, and being a mere 2 years away from hosting the Olympics in Rio. I would say that we have more to celebrate this year than we have had in the past, and I am guessing that this year’s Brazilian Day in NYC will be awesome!
What better way to celebrate this day than with a churrasco at your place? My mom already bought the picanha!

Independence Sunday Menu!

– Picanha, chicken hearts and sausages.
– Campanha Sauce: chopped tomatoes and onions in olive oil, goes with the sausages in bread.
– Farofa: flour pan-fried with olive oil until golden, you can add bacon for deliciousness!
– A bit of fresh tomato and lettuce salad, and to top it off: Caipirinhas!

I have a special Brazilian colors caipirinha for you:
– For the blue: mash blueberries into a mix of 1/3 vodka and 2/3 water and freeze on ice trays. If you have those trays that make half circles rather that cubes, it will look even cooler. Put one in the drink when ready.
– For the yellow: Oranges! Have a couple of orange slices ready to slip into the caipirinha after you are finished with the green: Limes!

Make yourself a caipivodka (no explanation needed, right?) with crushed lime on sugar, then add the blue ice and the orange slices, then pour the rest of the vodka, shake a bit so the sugar mixes in, and the orange releases its flavor, then pour onto a low caipirinha cup and enjoy your Brazilian Day!

Feliz dia da Independência!

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Brazilian Day