Spinarri Automatic Skewers

Spinarri – A motorized top for your grill.

Matthew Baron Grill Tops

Spinarri – A locally made, skewer turner.


Spinarri Automatic Skewers

The design of the Spinarri was for especially the grill lover that is making multiple skewers for many hungry people. It can hold up to five skewers at a time. So that amount of food could feed ten people easily. Of course, you could deliver the food in churrasco skewer style and bring it to the eaters or kebob style and serve it on a plate or bread. SPINARRI automatically attends to the constant rotation of multiple skewers over your existing grill.

Approximately six pounds of premium grade 304 stainless steel produced in America crafts the Model 543 SPINARRI. They call the skewers, the ‘AutoSkewers’. Basically, they are hand-crafted from the same solid stainless steel, featuring fine hand finished wooden handles sourced from Northern Maine. And they call the bigger model the 975 and it can hold up to 9 ‘Autoskewers’. It is made of 14 pounds os metal so you can picture that it is a lot bigger than it’s smaller brother.

Inside the SPINARRIĀ is the capacity to ‘AutoSkewer’ up an impressive amount of delicious fare. Whether it be 3 Cornish hens, 12 fresh quail, 16 succulent chicken drums, 4 pork tenderloins, 5 1/2 feet of kebab or 10 of your finest homemade Italian sausages.

When you purchase SPINARRIĀ kit it comes with:

Five 18″ AutoSkewers.
Two DC Grill Motors D Cell 1.5vt.
Dual Stainless Steel Lid.
Service tool and cleaning pad.

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