Finding The Right Fit: Picking a Shooter for Philadelphia Product Photography

Matthew Baron Brazilian Barbecue Kits

Picking a Shooter for Philadelphia Product Photography.

When I started searching for photographers to take pictures of my product, there was not much on my mind. I first went to Google and looked at the first few Shooters to jump out. I was looking for a simple website so that they could understand that I was looking to build a simple website myself. My pictures for Churrasco Shop were going to be simple because the products are simple and the chefs, in their home or business, already know what they are looking for.

So enter Sean Bolton with the website Right there in the name of the website is what I was looking for, Philadelphia Product Photography. So we met, worked on terms, and started. Some of the other Photographers has studios in Center City. I was not looking for that. I know in my work that Center City Studios are crunched for time and there is heavy overhead. And I like the home studio with the couches and the coffee served. It is the little touches. In three hours, we were finished. In a week, I had my finished pictures.

These pictures are on every page of my website so the touchups and the sizing is extremely important. You can’t supplement an Artist that wants to deliver great work. I speak about the skill of Sean Bolton but also the passion for the craft that you may not get with a Philadelphia product photography company that just wants to get you on your way. As a small business, you look for partners. I have found one in Sean Bolton as I grow and make more products in Philadelphia.

You may reach Sean Bolton at [email protected] if you have some products and need a Shooter.

Matthew Baron
Awesome LLC