The History Of Texas De Brazil Churrascaria

The History Of Texas De Brazil Churrascaria

Matthew Baron Churrascarias

Texas de Brazil is a family owned churrascaria (Brazilian steakhouse) restaurant chain. The restaurant is a Brazilian-American “churrascaria” or steakhouse that combines the cuisines of southern Brazil with Texan style meats. They hold the meats over an open fire on specially designed skewers. In the History Of Texas De Brazil, this chain of restaurants has helped to popularized this method of cooking with Brazilian style skewers so popular in America and worldwide.

Texas de Brazil originally opened the first location in October 13, 1998 in Addison, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. In 1999, they opened up their second location in Texas. There are now 46 locations in America. With another 6 locations internationally. And with what they have on offer, this chain of restaurants is raising the increasing interest in Brazilian food. With the World Cup and Olympics in Brazil in the same year, they are certainly benefiting from this upward trend.

In reality, the thing that sets Texas De Brazil apart from their competitors is the menu. Like all churrascarias, the meats of roasted and lightly seasoned cuts of beef, pork, lamb, chicken and Brazilian-style sausage. The definition of Churrasco is Open Flame. So, they cook all the meats over an open flame grill – a call back to the traditional techniques of the Gauchos of Southern Brazil. The Gauchos at Texas De Brazil do not dress in the traditional white outfit with a red sash but in blue and black; a nod to the Texas influence dressing the chefs and servers as cowboys to deliver meats to the tables. Without a look at how the menu items set them apart, it is certainly hard to mention a History Of Texas De Brazil. They do not serve chicken hearts, often considered a traditional food found at many other churrascarias.

The History Of Texas De Brazil Awards

In a few short years of opening their doors in Texas, Texas De Brazil started taking home from very prestigious awards. In 2001, Texas de Brazil was awarded the “A1 Service” award by the very prestigious, Zagat Survey. Again in 2006, Texas De Brazil won the very prestigious, Wine Spectator: Award of Excellence. Then, in the same year, they received the Wine Enthusiast award: Award of Distinction. Ultimately, both very well respected publications.