Churrasco Leftovers, where should I put it?

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Churrasco Leftovers, where should I put it?

So we’re continuing our dive into churrasco equipment. And I thought it was about time we discussed the different types of churrasqueira you can own. Below, you’ll find a list of characteristics for each type available in the market.

Rotating churrasqueira

It is built using refractory bricks. It must have a ten centimeters space behind it where the motor for spinning the skewers will go. Also, it has a frontal frame where you attach the skewers and then it rotates your meat for you. Great for when you don’t want to mind the food all the time. Also great for when you want to sit back and drink caipirinhas.
Rotating or not, your churrasqueira can be the old-fashioned way. You know.. with barbecue over charcoal. Or it can be of gas or electricity fuel. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Ye Olde charcoal churrasqueira

Makes a mess. You get all sooty. From the beginning when you have to pour the charcoal, to the end when you have to clean it up. Both are tasks that can be quite uncomfortable if you don’t have a soot drawer installed. However, it also makes the best tasting churrasco. And the other ones simply don’t compare to the primal satisfaction of food cooked over fire.

Gas fueled churrasqueira

Makes the food taste quite similar to the charcoal classic without all the hassle. It may be expensive depending on where you live. Can also malfunction, leading to unfortunate accidents.

Electric churrasqueira

I kind of want to say, “if you’re going to use electric heaters anyway, why bother calling it a churrasco”? But that’s just not true. Yes, it will make the churrasco taste different from the charcoal and gas churrasqueiras… But that is also because, with this, you can adjust the temperature and heat position better. SO you can barbecue uniformly if you want! And of course, it’s by far the easiest and less troublemaking type of churrasqueira.

Whichever type you choose remember: churrascos are about celebration!

Happy barbecuing!
Churrasco Leftovers

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Words By Olivia D’Orsi Junqueira